Hi there,

here is a basic break down of what I get up to, if you have to get in touch you know what to do.


I work at Statt Lab, which is a non-profit art community with around 50 people sharing a B&W darkroom and screen print workshop in Berlin. This is a project I started with some friends in Stattbad, which was an abandoned public swimming pool re-established as a self-led art and culture centre in the vibrant district of Wedding, Berlin. Statt Lab re-located, like many other projects, when Stattbad was closed down by the city.

I offer beginner workshops in analogue photography and screen printing, which happen at Statt Lab Drontheimer Straße 34, Wedding Berlin (MAP).

My goal with workshops is to make the basic printing process for the student simple to understand so we can get to printing as fast as possible, mainly because that is more fun than trying to absorb lots of technical information. The workshops I offer also prepare you for doing further printing at Statt Lab during an open doors event like Printing and Bier.

I produce my own screen printing and photography and I am currently involved in a few commercial projects including The Other Lab and Custom Puzzles.

I offer photo shootings for individuals and independent producers at affordable rates. Please write me an email for a quote.


I am currently pre-occupied making music with the Shipwreck Rats, a piracy folk mix of music from various countries appearing in a bar near you. Expect aghast renditions and general caper.