Screen Print Workshop

A2 Paper 4 COLOURS

Learning how to prepare your design for a multi-layered screen print can be tricky, so it’s important to be able to visualise the finished piece before committing to the print process. The first day of the workshop is geared towards understanding how to turn your artwork into a 4 layered design that can be used to expose our screens.

This process is design sensitive so depending on how you work, digitally or analogue, we will prepare a process for you that accommodates your normal work flow.

Day 1: Preparing artwork and setting up for printing

11:00 – 16:00

Step 1: How to prepare art work for the screen print process using traditional and digital methods.

Step 2: Screen preparation

Step 3: Selecting colours for samples

Step 4: Printing test samples of artwork

Day 2: Screen Printing art

11:00 – 16:00

Once we have decided on which colours to use for each layer we will expose our screens and prepare the work stations. Being methodical is important when it comes to printing reproductions, so we will focus on how to go through each step of the process efficiently.

Step 1: Exposing screens and preparing work stations

Step 2: Setting up screens, mixing colour, test printing

Step 3: Printing layers 1 & 2

Step 4: Cleaning & break down.

Day 3: Finishing

11:00 – 16:00

Now we know what we are doing we can get on and finish the final 2 layers of art work. The last part of the workshop will be spent taking catalogue shots of the art works produced and talking about what’s been learned during the workshop!

Step 1: Preparing workstations, mixing colour

Step 2: Printing layers 3 & 4

Step 3: Cleaning & break down

Step 4: Documentation of art work & group feedback session

Further Details

This workshop is aimed at artists and designers who wish to learn how to print their art works by hand. During the workshop you will learn how turn your artwork into a 4 colour screen print.

If you have a digital work flow, please bring your laptop with you. Knowledge of PS and IL is a plus but not essential.

If you have an analogue workflow please bring pens, paper and any other materials you are used to working with.

Workshop Fee: 250€ per person

Max. group size is 3 people.